Holiday Club

Join us for our fun filled Holiday Club at the LNER Stadium.

  • 17.50 British pounds

Service Description

We run our Holiday Clubs throughout every half term and term school holidays, giving your child the opportunity to keep active! Whether you are booking on as a reliable source of childcare or you just want your child to have a few days out of the house and moving around, we can guarantee your child will come home smiling. Our Holiday Clubs are a registered OFSTED provision, which means you can pay using your childcare vouchers and you can rest assured they will be receiving a high standard of care. Equipment: Please ensure that your child wears SHIN PADS & CORRECT FOOTWEAR e.g Football Boots with plastic screw or moulded stud. (NO flat shoes including Trainers, NO Football Boots with metal screws, spikes or blades). A SPARE PAIR OF INDOOR SHOES are required. Each child will need to bring a PACKED LUNCH AND SNACKS, A DRINK IN A PLASTIC BOTTLE AND ADDITIONAL CLOTHING in case of bad weather.

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NO REFUND can be claimed if you cancel your booking less than 48 hours prior to the start date/time of the days you are booked onto. If you need to cancel, you must inform us via email to . We must receive at least 48 hours’ notice before the days you are booked onto. Cancellations made prior to 48 hours can request a refund (minus the administration fee) or a Credit Voucher for their Holiday Club booking.

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  • Lincoln City Foundation, Lincoln, UK


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„Lincoln City Foundation“ yra labdaros organizacija, registruota Anglijoje ir Velse Nr. 1128464. Pelno nesiekianti įmonė, kuriai taikoma garantija. Registruotas Anglijoje Nr. 06608600.