Extra Time Hubs launch online programmes to support mental health.

Lincoln City Foundation's EFLT Extra Time Hub project has been working to keep people who are 55 and over, connected in our communities by putting on weekly Zoom calls during lockdown. The mental health of our community has been affected deeply with many having to self-isolate, keep their distance from their family, spend a lot of time on their own and a definite increase in anxiety about the pandemic.

To combat this our Health and Wellbeing team are launching a new online movement to help tackle inactivity and keep our members provided with things to keep them busy and in a positive mindset whilst being at home. We will be posting different content and activities via email, WhatsApp and Facebook to keep conversation going.

  • Mindfulness Monday will include tips and tricks to keep a positive mindset, brain teasers and other activities such as seated Yoga.

  • Training Tuesday will see a variety of filmed workouts for members to follow and do at home and will be suitable for all abilities.

  • Extra Time Wednesday we will continue with our traditional Zoom meet up where we can catch up and see what others have been doing over the week. These are often supported by the Former Players Association.

  • Throw Back Thursday will be focused on all things Lincolnshire with content about different places, locations and history of our county

  • Foodie Friday we will have different Chefs from Lincolnshire filming a video for you to cook along to at home.

If you, your friends or relatives would enjoy being part of our Extra Time community please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Health and Wellbeing Officer on or 07736 900333.

Equally if you feel like you can contribute to any of the sessions and would like to volunteer you time to our Extra Time Hub, Contact us

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